Prices quoted are for pre-ordered kids only and only applicable to the current kidding season.  Kid prices are subject to change each year.   Kids not pre-ordered will be evaluated on an ongoing basis and the selling price revised after birth as they grow and develop.   Costs of labor, feeding, vaccines, worming, coccidia preventives, and other factors will be considered in the reevaluation and price revision process.

We often have a few younger milkers and bucks being offered for sale by late spring each year.  Please let us know if you are interested in adding a mature animal to your herd.  We will let you know if an animal comes available after all of the does have freshened in the spring.  We will make not make any advance commitments to sell specific animals and we only accept deposits on unborn kid reservations.  Purchases of young stock or adults animals must be paid in full with a confirmed, agreed upon pick up date between Crown Creek Farm and buyers at the time of sale agreements.

Please keep in mind that breeding may change and are not final until the doe is confirmed bred by blood test.

NOTICE: Please read our
TERMS OF SALE AND SHIPPING POLICY PAGE for additional details about all sales and shipping policies.

Click the link below to view our 2021 breeding plan for 2022 kidding!