Senior Does


GCH CrownCreek Naomi 2*M

BORN: 2-09-11

LA 3-02 86 (VVEV)
LA 5-02 90 (VEEE)

This black beauty is our blessing. At just over two months old, she achieved her Junior Grand Champion. There is nothing disappointing about this doe, she is correct, smooth and well blended. This girl possesses a very good top line, strong legs, pasterns, and great feet. Her chest is wide and she has very dairy character. Naomi freshened in 2012 as a yearling with a beautifully attached mammary system, great teat size and placement.

Showing as a first freshener she placed 1st every time we took her out. As a two year old, Naomi placed 1st / 1st at our competitive State Fair Show. In 2014 featured here as a three year old she blossomed and achieved her CH status winning Grand Champion, BOB at both spring shows and BUIS at one. We think she’s a pretty special little black doe.

Tested G6S Normal

SIRE: Greenley Meadow Grande Tupelo
DAM: Boyce Farm Sara Love 1*M


CrownCreek Judea 3*M

BORN:  3-11-12

LA 4-01 87 (VEVG)
Judea is a gorgeous doe. In 2012 she placed 2nd against 28 in her class in Georgia at 2 months, then went on to win RGCH in Mississippi and Junior Grand Champion in Louisiana before she reached 3 months of age. We couldn’t be more pleased with this doe. Like her dam, she is very correct, with outstanding legs and feet, possessing dairy character and those ears. Featured her as a first freshener Judea place 1st / 1st at our highly competitive State Fair Show. She has a very nice mammary system with good production.

Tested G6S Normal

SIRE: Greenley Meadow Maximus Hombre 1-02 86 (VEE)
SS: Saada Irkab Mufasa

DAM: GCH CrownCreek Naomi 2*M (LA 5-02 E90(VEEE)


SG Saada Faith Of Grace 9*M

Saada Faith Of Grace (Junior)

BORN: 4-14-17
LA 2-00  89 (VEEV)

Faith was an answer to our prayer.  We waited four years to finally get a daughter from her dam Grace.  She is a big girl with long and strong bone pattern, pretty breed character and good overall general appearance.  Her dam is out of four generations of Saada Excellent-appraising Grand Champions, and her sire’s dam has three generations behind him of Saada-breed EX-90+, GCH and heavy milking does.
Faith received her Superior Genetics Award at 19 Months of age, after  completing her first lactation as a first freshener.

G6S Normal on Pedigree 

SS: ++*B SG Cook’s Rancho Choctaw Chief
SIRE: Saada Patrick Joseph
SD: CH Saada Xtra Adora Belle  2-06 EX90 (VEEE)

DS: +B Saada Ishmael  3-04 E90 (EEV)
DAM: GCH Saada X-Quisite Grace 8*M  2-09 E90 (EEEE)
DD: GCH Saada Lemon Xanado 7*M  3-05 E91 (EEEE)


DAM: GCH Saada X-Quisite Grace 8*M  2-09 E90 (EEEE)

CrownCreek Play Misty For Me 3*M

CronwCreek Play Misty For Me (2 Year Old)

CrownCreek Play Misty For Me (Yearling)

CrownCreek Play Misty For Me (Junior)

BORN: 2-27-17
LA  1-02   86 (VVVV)
LA  2-00  87  (VVVV)

Misty is yet another pretty daughter like her mama, GCH CrownCreek Naomi.  She carries a ton of stage presence about her, being naturally upstanding in the front end with strength, width and angularity throughout.  She has wonderful dairy skin, flatness of bone and lovely femininity.  Add to this very good general appearance with grace and elegance on the move.

G6S Normal on Pedigree 

SS: Saada Xtra Nox Lavazza
SIRE: Saada Lanazza Lanney
SD: GCH Saada X-Quisite Grace 8*M (2-09 E90 EEEE)

DAM: GCH CrownCreek Naomi 2*M  5-02 90 (VEEE)



Delta Dairy Goat Association: Baker, Louisiana

May  26, 2018: 1st Place Yearling Milker (Both Rings)
May 27, 2018: 1st Place Yearling Milker (Both Rings)

Southern Browsers: Kiln, Mississippi
April 13th (2019)  2 X Reserve Grand-Champion
Best Nubian Udder (2 Yr Old)

Mississippi Goat Association & Delta Dairy Goat Association
Raymond, Mississippi: April 27th & 28th (2019)
Grand Champion / Best Of Breed
 2 X Reserve Grand Champion  (2 Yr Old)

CrownCreek Play Misty For Me (2 Yr.Old)

CrownCreek Tulia 2*M

Tulia is a stunning young doe like her dam Tailor.  She exhibits such power, correctness and depth along with pretty breed character and good overall general appearance. She stands on very straight legs, good feet with super nice top-line and open escutcheon.   Tulia freshened as a yearling with the most lovely global udder with nice medial attachment, rear height and good teat size and placement.

Born: March 23, 2017

Tested G6S Normal

SS: *B Saada X-Tra Atticus
SIRE: CrownCreek Ruger
SD: GCH CrownCreek Naomi 90 (VEEE) 2*M

DS: *B Saada Southern Beau 3-10 88 (VEV)
DAM: CrownCreek Tailor Maide 1*M 2-01 86 (VVVG)
DD: CrownCreek Fawn

Bred to Lakeshore Status Blue Boy

October 15, 2017 (MGA) Mississippi State Fair Jackson, MS
​First Place Junior Doe (6 to 7 Months)
Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doe
October 13 & 14,  2017 (MGA) Mississippi State Fair Jackson, MS
Oct.13 1st Place Senor Doe Under 2 Years
Oct.14 1st Place Senior Doe Under 2 Years
October 27 & 28,  2018 (MGA) Mississippi State Fair Jackson, MS
Oct.27 1st Place Senor Doe Under 2 Years
Oct.28 1st Place Senior Doe Under 2 Years

Tulia stood in the Grand-champion line up four times in two shows prior to two years of age.  This is no-doubt and up and coming young doe!