SPRING 2018 

Single Buck from
CrownCreek Rhiannon sired by *B Blissberry VV Mr. Sand Man
DOB: February 4, 2018

CrownCreek Rhiannon’s Poe (3 weeks old)
CrownCreek Rhiannon’s Poe (3 Weeks Old)


Buck & Doe from
Saada Faith of Grace sired by CrownCreek La Nazza Marley
DOB: April 3, 2018

CrownCreek Israel of Faith & CrownCreek Hope of Faith

CrownCreek Hope Of Faith (3Months)

CrownCreek Israel Of Faith (9Mo)


Doe & Buck from
Southern-Leisure Envy sired by *B Lakeshore Status Blue Boy
DOB: March 3, 2018

CrownCreek Bright Blue Vega & CrownCreek Bright Blue Rigel


CrownCreek Bitter’s Filet” 3*M 90(VEEE) sired by CrownCreek Meet Joe Black

DOB: March 24, 2018

CrownCreek (Triplet Does)

CrownCreek Joe Black’s Reggae (3 Months)

SPRING 2018 

CrownCreek Play Misty For Me sired by *B Lakeshore Status Blue Boy
DOB: April 12, 2018

CrownCreek (Doe & Buck)

CrownCreek Bright Blue Orion at (9Mo)

SPRING 2019 

CrownCreek Play Misty For Me sired by LSP Farm Doc Martin
DOB: January 21, 201

CrownCreek Doc’s Lord Grantham

SPRING 2019 

CrownCreek Judea sired by (AI) Saada Ishmael 90 VEEE
DOB: January 27, 201

CrownCreek (Single Buck)


SG Saada Faith Of Grace by (AI) +*B Alize Kharm Personified
DOB: February 8, 2019

CrownCreek (Buck & Doe)