We are Alan and Larie Simmons.

Our small farm is located just north of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We raise beautiful pure bred registered Nubian dairy goats. We strive to breed for good health, physical correctness, dairy character, beautiful style, calm temperament and quality level milk production.

We began raising our wonderful Nubians in 2009, and fell head-over- heels in love. Our small herd is top quality, and we plan to keep it as such. Life on our farm is truly a divine gift and we enjoy every day of it!

We place herd health at the top of our priority list. Our entire herd is G6S negative either tested or by pedigree (At TVMDL and ADGA). We test our entire herd annually and have tested negative for CAE, CL and Johne’s each year, consecutively (Current Test at Sage Laboratories, UC Davis and University of Wisconsin (see links to results below).   During kidding season, we monitored all births with barn cameras.  We attended all births and promptly remove kids as soon as they are born.  Our kids are raised on strict CAE prevention and housed separately from the adult goats.  All our kids are hand-raised with lots of attention, producing friendly well-adjusted kids.  All kids are raised on heat-treated colostrum and free choice pasteurized milk.  As a coccidiosis prevention we use di-methox on a scheduled program. 

All of our adult goats thriving on 16% top quality mixed feed, Diamond V yeast, sea kelp and premium dairy quality Alfalfa Hay and home grown tested grass hay. Our entire herd has automatic fresh water, planted grasses, browse, free choice loose minerals and baking soda available to them at all times.  Our animal are vaccinated against clostridium perfringens Type C D & tenanus, given supplemental copper boluses and BoSe regularly.  

We are participating in the American Dairy Goat Association, linear Appraisal and the DHIR Milk Testing Program.

2017 was yet another blessed year for us!  We were so pleased with the kids born that we retained several of them.  Some you will see featured on our site as either 2018 first fresheners or junior herd sires.  In order to maintain herd size for quality and management, we regularly have several quality animals for sales each year for show and breeding as well as, home milkers.
If you are interested in reserving a 2018 kid, please visit our purchase page and contact us to place a deposit. 

Thank you for spending time with us at Crown Creek Farm.   Should you have any questions, comments or interest, please feel free to contact us.

Testing Results – Johne’s | CL | CAE