GCH CrownCreek Naomi 2*M

GCH CrownCreek Naomi 2*M

BORN: 2-09-11

LA 3-02 86 (VVEV)
LA 5-02 90 (VEEE)

This black beauty is our blessing. At just over two months old, she achieved her Junior Grand Champion. There is nothing disappointing about this doe, she is correct, smooth and well blended. This girl possesses a very good top line, strong legs, pasterns, and great feet. Her chest is wide and she has very dairy character. Naomi freshened in 2012 as a yearling with a beautifully attached mammary system, great teat size and placement.

Showing as a first freshener she placed 1st every time we took her out. As a two year old, Naomi placed 1st / 1st at our competitive State Fair Show. In 2014 featured here as a three year old she blossomed and achieved her CH status winning Grand Champion, BOB at both spring shows and BUIS at one. We think she’s a pretty special little black doe.

Tested G6S Normal

SIRE: Greenley Meadow Grande Tupelo
DAM: Boyce Farm Sara Love 1*M

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